Topsy and Bo Cloth Pull Up

Topsy and Bo Cloth Pull Up

Super Undies Hero undies

  • For bed wetting/ day trained children
  • Pull up cover and inserts included
  • Sized for best fit
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Super Undies Hero undies

Hero Undies are DOUBLE waterproof, featuring all around gussets and 5 layers of absorbency. That’s well over your average cloth diaper or disposable diaper capacity. Hero Undies offer flexibility like no other. Our flexible absorbency system can convert the undies from daytime to nighttime and back again, simply by adding or removing the step-up insert. Their internal construction is brilliant!

  • 100% Waterproof design
  • Internal waterproof gussets at legs and waist offer 360°  extra waterproof protection
  • Standard boxer/brief style waistband for discretion, even if they peak out. 
  • Thick 5 layer flexible absorbency system can be snapped in and out for quick replacement without changing the briefs. Insert system can be used with one insert, or the included two inserts joined together 
  • Bigger sizes for older bedwetting children 

Hero Undies will empower your child to own their situation by giving them full control over bedwetting, no longer relying on you to buy them expensive diapers, and you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your part to help the environment.

Perform a cold water rinse for items that have sat for more than a day. Don't let items sit for more than 2 days

Turn Undies inside out and place in a laundry garment bag.

Run a hot wash cycle - use a detergent you trust

Dry on medium


Fabric Softener


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