Smart Bottoms Haversack

  • Sturdy, zippered, hold all chaging bag
  • Tie strap for multiple carrying options
  • Includes changing mat with waterproof zippered pouch
As low as €65.00
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Our new Haversack is a convenient carryall and changing pad for families on the go. The roomy interior has 4 pockets that are perfectly sized to fit your favorite cloth nappies and a heavy duty gold zipper will keep all your belongings securely contained. The shoulder strap can be tied to fit every body size perfectly and offers the option to wear the bag in multiple ways as well as while baby wearing. Each Haversack also comes with a matching changing pad with a waterproof, zippered pouch. It is perfect for keeping your pre-moistened wipes or a clean change of clothes. The back of the changing pad is a wipeable nylon and the front is a plush fleece.



Machine wash and dry warm. Do not bleach.




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