Curanatura Junior Toothbrush Travel Case

Curanatura Junior Toothbrush Travel Case

Curanatura Bamboo 'Health' Toothbrush

  • Soft nylon bristles
  • Change brush every 3 months
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Curanatura Bamboo 'Health' Toothbrush

The 'Health' bamboo toothbrush has soft, white, straight-trimmed nylon 4 bristles for the efficient cleaning of sensitive teeth and gums. Nylon 4 is a BPA and phthalate free, naturally biodegradable polyamide and is widely considered as one of the most tolerable plastics from a health point of view.

Designed in Slovakia and made in China using bamboo grown in the producer's private bamboo ‘forest' and packaged in a biodegradable recycled brown paper sleeve and a recycled Kraft card box.

Most dental professionals recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months. When the toothbrush has come to the end of its life, it is recommended to remove the nylon bristles from the bamboo before disposal due to the different times they take to biodegrade.

Rinse and leave in dry place.

Vegan friendly, eco friendly, biodegradable and phthalate free.

Approximately 17.5cm x 1.4cm x 1.7cm (at the widest point).

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