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Baba & Boo Onesize Pocket Nappy

Charlie Banana Pocket Nappy

  • Includes 2 inserts
  • Luxuriously soft
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● Easy to use ● Eco-friendly ● Healthy ● Economical ● Reusable ● Hybrid ● One size fits all ● Easy sizing adjustment system ● Superior absorbency ● Leak-proof leg casing ● Wide-back elastic ● Front flap opening ● 1 Year Warranty One Size Diapers

Size Chart Approx. Age Newborn-30 Months Weight 6-35 lbs/3-16 kg Waist 10-24 in/25-60 cm Thigh 4.5-14 in/11.5-35 cm Rise 12-16 in/30-40 cm

Materials / Ingredients Shell-Face: 100% Polyester, Back: Polyurethane / Lining: 100% Polyester / Insert-Top: 100% Polyester, Bottom: 88% Biconstituent Fiber (82% Polyester 18% Nylon) 12% Polyester Instructions

We recommend that you stuff your Charlie Banana® Diaper with 2 inserts for longer outings, during nap time, and night time. Some children are heavier wetters than others. You can have one or two inserts in the pocket. Do not use any ointment, cream, or diaper rash cream while using Charlie Banana® One Size Diapers. This will keep your inserts' absorption to its maximum performance. If you have any questions about this product, please contact

Care Instructions Machine  wash to a maximum of 40ÁC. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Do not iron. Tumble dry low or hang dry.

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