Vest Extenders

Vest Extenders

Avo und Cado Vest extender 3 pack

  • 3 pack in 3 sizes to fit most vests
  • Helps vest sizes last longer
  • Helps prevent wicking in cloth nappies
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Avo und Cado Vest extender 3 pack

Three vest extenders with 3 different snap sizes (5, 7 und 9mm).

The extenders can simply be attached to a vest to extend it by ca. 7 cm - roughly one clothing size.

The most common vests in Europe can be used with the Avo&Cado extender.  The pack contains three vest extenders, each with a different snap size (9mm,7mm and 5mm). 

The snaps are not supposed to be attached with too much force to unfitting snaps. If they don't fit like usual, then the extenders unfortunately do not fit.

Material: 100% Cotton (2 layers unbleched flannell, organic)
The YKK snaps are OEKOTEX 100 certified.

Washing Instructions: Washable up to 60°C. Tumble dry.

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